Social media blitz lands a job for Dave

Dave Cutler whipped up a frenzy of social media self-promotion to find a job, and the 14 months he spent tweeting, checking in on Foursquare, and posting video interviews finally paid off in April when he landed a job as a social media and community specialist at a Somerville analytics software provider.

Cutler, 35, of Waltham, was featured in the Globe’s Your Next Job section in January. He decided to pursue a career in social media after getting laid off from his job as a graphics production manager in early 2011. After enrolling in a weeklong program at Rutgers University in New Jersey, he immersed himself in Boston’s social media scene.

His new job at TIBCO Spotfire, part of TIBCO Software Inc., based in Palo Alto, Calif., was a direct result of his job search campaign, which included a Dave Cutler app. When a TIBCO Spotfire employee asked around about candidates qualified to fill a new social media position, several people who knew Cutler through his social media onslaught recommended him.


Many companies are turning to social media to beef up marketing and customer service, and Amy Groden-Morrison, director of marketing communications at TIBCO Spotfire, wanted to hire someone who didn’t just retweet company news but brought in new business. And Cutler’s job search demonstrated he could do just that. “He had a product, which was himself, and he built a personal brand around it,’’ Groden-Morrison said. “He then executed a social media plan targeted at his market - potential employers and social media influencers - and landed a future employer as a lead.’’

Cutler is maintaining his personal social media presence, but admits he doesn’t tweet or post Instagram pictures as often as he used to. “I attended events with the mindset of being Dave Cutler the job seeker, so there was pressure to maximize the effectiveness of each event I attended,’’ he said. “Now I can just be me.’’

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