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DeLeo to Zuckerberg: Open a Facebook office in Mass.

Mass. Speaker of the House Robert DeLeo. Bill Greene / Globe Staff/Boston Globe

Massachusetts House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo is urging Facebook to consider opening an office in the Bay State, where the social media company has its roots.

DeLeo made his plea in an open letter to chief executive Mark Zuckerberg, who cofounded Facebook in a Harvard University dorm room in 2004. Zuckerberg later moved the company to California, where Facebook became a phenomenon.

DeLeo’s letter comes as Facebook is poised to issue an initial public stock offering.

“I believe that as Facebook issues its initial public offering and experiences additional growth and expansion, a renewed presence in Massachusetts makes sense,” DeLeo wrote in the open letter to Zuckerberg. “I am available to meet with you and members of your team to update you on why Massachusetts is an important place to open an office.”


Earlier this week, DeLeo introduced a jobs bill in the Massachusetts Legislature that he said will make the Bay State more competitive. The bill would support the state’s innovation economy by establishing a Talent Pipeline program. The program would match dollar-for-dollar stipends for internships at technology and innovation start-ups and would provide support for training programs, DeLeo said.

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