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The Big Apple skyline is set to be the airborne venue of a flying zeppelin flotilla Thursday morning, according to HP Hood, the Lynnfield-based dairy brand that sometimes uses a blimp to promote its milk and ice cream brands.

(OK, dirigible lovers, a zeppelin is technically a bit different from a blimp.)

In any case, Hood said that the airship that bears its name will be one of several to participate in a “blimp parade” above the Hudson River (weather permitting).

Other participants include the MetLife Snoopy 1 blimp, the DIRECTV Starship blimp, and the Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey blimp, HP Hood said.


According to HP Hood’s press advisory, “This is a ‘blue moon’ event, as multiple blimps rarely fly together in the same city at the same time.”

Folks can follow the blimp parade on Twitter using #LookUp, HP Hood said.

Chris Reidy can be reached at reidy@globe.com.