Free Wi-Fi for all fans at Gillette

Enterasys Networks, a Siemens Enterprise Communications company with a presence in Andover, said Monday that it has been chosen by the Kraft Sports Group to provide high-density Wi-Fi at Gillette Stadium as a way to ensure high-speed wireless connectivity for all fans at New England Patriots games and other stadium events.

Gillette Stadium has a capacity of about 68,000 for Patriots games, and this NFL season, all fans at Gillette will have free Wi-Fi access, the Patriots said; last season, only about 6,000 fans in the stadium’s exclusive Putnam Club level seats had such access.

To reduce the likelihood of congestion, Enterasys said it has deployed “hundreds” of wireless access points throughout the stadium.


A spokesman for the Kraft Sports Group described this effort as a “multimillion dollar investment” but declined to be more specific about financial details.

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