Redbox Instant streaming plan takes on Netflix

LOS ANGELES — DVD kiosk operator Redbox is launching a challenge to Netflix’s streaming-video supremacy.

Later this month, Redbox will offer an unlimited streaming-video plan that includes movies from Warner Bros. and pay TV channel Epix, along with four nights of physical DVD rentals, for $8 a month, or $9 a month if customers want Blu-ray discs.

The offering is a direct attack on Netflix Inc. and is priced even lower than the $10-a-month that Netflix abandoned a year ago. The lowest price plan from Netflix that combines DVDs by mail and streaming is now $16 a month.


The service won’t include TV shows when it launches on an invitation-only basis before the end of the year. Video game rentals, which cost $2 a night, are also not included in the plan.

Associated Press