Coakley tells National Grid to fix payroll glitch by Dec. 21

Attorney General Martha Coakley is calling on National Grid to fix payroll system glitches that have caused nearly 2,000 Massachusetts workers who performed power restorations and other work after Hurricane Sandy to be paid improperly.

Coakley’s office, which enforces state wage and hour laws, sent a letter to National Grid Friday, directing the company to “rectify all Massachusetts unpaid wage issues by no later than December 21” or be penalized.

The problems started about six weeks ago, when National Grid started using a new payroll system. According to a union letter sent to Coakley, workers found themselves being paid for fewer hours than they worked or at lower pay grades, or having money deducted from their checks improperly.


“In some cases they’re getting no pay,” said Dan Hurley, president of the Utility Workers Union of America, Local 369.

National Grid spokeswoman Jackie Barry said the utility is working to fix the problems with the system, which was only partially implemented when Sandy hit the region. The utility has apologized, she said, and workers have gotten supplemental checks.