IRS deluged as taxpayers check refunds

Bloomberg New /File 2012

WASHINGTON — The Internal­ Revenue Service has a message for taxpayers eager to learn the status of their tax refunds:

Please don’t check the IRS website every five minutes — once a day is enough.

The IRS says its ‘‘Where’s my refund?’’ website and smartphone app are being overwhelmed by eager taxpayers. The agency says that its systems are updated only once a day, usually overnight, and the same information is available on the website, the IRS2go smartphone app, and the IRS’s toll-free telephone lines.


To avoid delays, the agency says, the best time to check on refunds is evening and weekends.

The IRS says that, typically, nine out of 10 taxpayers receive their refunds in less than 21 days when they file returns online and have refunds deposited directly into bank accounts.