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    Ireland: Plant sent horse labeled ‘beef’ to Czechs

    DUBLIN — An Irish slaughterhouse has been caught labeling horse meat as beef and shipping it to a company in the Czech Republic, Ireland’s government said Friday, in the latest crackdown on alleged fraud in Europe’s month-old scandal.

    No other European government has pinpointed a single slaughterhouse that was mislabeling horse meat as beef. Until now, any companies found selling meat products containing hidden amounts of horse have insisted they were duped by others, while suspected slaughterhouses have insisted they either did not handle horses or labeled all horse-meat exports correctly.

    But Ireland says its detectives have identified the practice at B&F Meats, a small slaughterhouse in County Tipperary. It immediately shut down the facility.


    No officials at the plant were arrested, and Irish officials declined to specify the volume of horse meat involved.