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News Corp. spinoff will have $2.56b in cash

NEW YORK — News Corp. said Friday that it will spin off its publishing division with $2.56 billion in cash and no debt, giving it the means to invest in digital operations and acquire businesses.

The amount of cash the publishing unit will receive was included in a securities filing Friday. The amount includes a $1.82 billion payment by the parent company, to be called Fox Group. Another $741 million is already held in cash by the businesses to be spun off.

The separation of the publishing businesses from the TV and film businesses is expected by June.

The publishing unit will include newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal, the HarperCollins book publisher, Australian TV assets, and its for-profit education business, Amplify. It will keep the News Corp. name.


News Corp. also said Friday that the new publishing company would not have to pay for any more legal costs or civil claims related to the phone hacking scandal involving its British newspapers. News Corp. has spent $346 million on investigations in the case.

The publishing company would be liable for criminal penalties if they arose.

News Corp. chief executive Rupert Murdoch will be executive chairman of the spun-off unit and remain Fox Group0 chief executive. He will end up controlling both entities through the nearly 40 percent of Class B voting shares he controls through a family trust.