HubSpot acquires Chime and PrepWork, promising more to come

Online marketing firm HubSpot has acquired two small start-ups, Chime and PrepWork, bringing their teams to Boston while promising more moves are on the way.

A PrepWork application automates morning reports giving you briefings on what the people you will be meeting with that day have been up to, whether that’s a new promotion, a recent news article, or simply a funny tweet that they sent.

Chime is a browser extension for Chrome that allows Web apps to send in-browser notifications of activity, such as when someone responds to your comment or if a friend posts a new photo on Flickr.


In a blog post announcing the acquisitions, HubSpot chief executive and founder Brian Halligan noted that both companies worked to further humanize the Web experience, a vision that aligns closely with HubSpot’s focus on “personalization and solving for a customer need.”

“This is an exciting step in HubSpot’s growth, and we believe we’ll have more of these announcements to share moving forward,” he wrote. “So keep visiting us here as we continue to expand our team, our product, and our commitment to changing the world of marketing.