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Two Logan flights disrupted due to security concerns

With security anxieties heightened following the deadly bombings at the finish line of the Boston Marathon Monday, two flights at Logan International Airport were disrupted Tuesday morning, one due to concerns about two passengers onboard and another due to a suspicious bag.

A United Airlines flight that was about to take off for Chicago was brought back to the gate after passengers expressed concern over two people speaking a foreign language, according to aviation authorities. Passengers and bags were taken off the plane and rescreened, and two people were rebooked on a later flight. The aircraft was then "swept and cleared for takeoff," according to United Airlines spokeswoman Christen David.


The Boston FBI office did not immediately return a call about the incident.

About an hour later, a US Airways flight just in from Philadelphia was kept from pulling up to the gate due to suspicions about a checked bag on the plane. Baggage handlers in Philadelphia alerted the airline to concerns about a bag after loading it onto the plane, according to the Transportation Security Administration. When the flight landed in Boston, the plane stopped short of the gate and passengers were bused to the terminal. The bag, which originated in San Francisco, was rescreened and cleared.

The Massachusetts Port Authority increased security in the airport terminals, on roadways, and in the airfield following the explosions.

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