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Waltham tech firm helps get word out: Stay safe, stay inside

The offices of communication technology firm Everbridge have been in high gear since “the wee hours of the morning,” alerting Boston area residents and employees to stay inside, said chief executive Jaime Ellertson.

His firm makes the emergency communication software used by the cities of Boston, Waltham, and Watertown, as well as several major schools and companies like Bain, Arnold Worldwide, and The Limited.

Municipalities started using the system first, then companies and schools.

Already today, Everbridge’s technology had been used by authorities and companies to send out hundreds of thousands of messages to residents, employees, and emergency personnel.

“Watertown, Waltham -- both are actively using the system,” Ellertson said.


The message from the cities has largely been the same, he added: “Do not go to work, do not go around town.”

Ellertson said he expects the number of alerts sent out -- from simple stay inside messages, to be-on-the-lookout warnings -- to number in the millions. Even Rhode Island and Connecticut clients have begun issuing messages.

“They’re buzzing right now,” Ellertson said. “We don’t know where he [the 2nd suspect] is. The police might, but we don’t, so customers have to take action.”