Fed says redesigned $100 bill ready by October

The new bill has several anticounterfeiting features.
Treasury Department vis Reuters
The new bill has several anticounterfeiting features.

WASHINGTON — The Federal Reserve said Wednesday that it will begin circulating a redesigned $100 bill this fall, more than two years after its initial target.

The Fed has set a new target date of Oct. 8. The redesigned note incorporates added security features, such as a blue, 3-D security ribbon and a disappearing Liberty Bell in an inkwell. The features are designed to thwart counterfeiters.

The revamped bill had been expected to go into circulation in February 2011. But in December 2010, officials announced an indefinite delay to address production issues that left unwanted creases in many of the notes.


Benjamin Franklin’s portrait will remain on the $100 bill, the highest-value denomination in general circulation. It is also the most frequent target of counterfeiters.

The $100 bill is the last note to undergo an extensive redesign aimed at thwarting counterfeiters with ever-more-sophisticated copying machines.