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NEW YORK — They might start calling it the McDiet.

McDonald Corp.’s chief executive, Don Thompson, revealed at an analyst conference this week that he has shed about 20 pounds in the past year by getting his ‘‘butt up’’ and ‘‘working out again.’’ But he said he hasn’t changed his habit of eating at McDonald’s ‘‘every single day.’’

Thompson was responding to a question about how the world’s biggest hamburger chain is adapting amid the growing concerns about ­obesity.

Thompson said that he lost the weight by getting active again. He noted that Europeans walk a lot and that it’s rare to see Europeans who are ‘‘very, very heavy.’’


‘‘And so I think that balance is really important to people,’’ he said.

Thompson did not provide any other details about his weight or diet. A representative for McDonald’s did not immediately respond to a request for more details.

The remarks come as fast-food chains and packaged food companies face criticism about making products that fuel obesity rates.

At the Sanford Bernstein conference on Wednesday, Thompson noted that customers have many options at McDonald’s. For example, he said, someone might get a Big Mac one day and a grilled chicken salad another day.

But going forward, he said: ‘‘I don’t see salads being a major growth driver.’’

Associated Press