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Nearly 40 percent of locals text while driving, Plymouth Rock Assurance survey finds

Local drivers may not be just rude and susceptible to road rage; many of them also may be guilty of TWD --- texting while driving.

In 2010, the Commonwealth enacted the Massachusetts Safe Driving Law, which restricts the use of mobile devices by drivers.

But a new Distracted Driving Survey by Plymouth Rock Assurance notes that while 80 percent of the survey’s respondents said that they were aware of the law, nearly 40 percent said that they still send text messages while driving.

Plymouth Rock Assurance is an automobile insurance carrier serving Massachusetts and Connecticut.

“It’s a compelling statistic to see that nearly all drivers refrain from texting and driving when their children are riding along with them,” Chris Olie, CEO of Plymouth Rock Assurance, said in a statement. “Those drivers should be making the same safe driving decisions when they’re riding alone, to protect themselves as well as pedestrians and passengers in other vehicles. But right now, many drivers are not. As an insurance provider, we feel we have a responsibility to promote and reward safe driving behavior among our own customers, but we also want to encourage all motorists to take personal responsibility in helping make the road safe for everyone.”