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‘BioShock’ creator gets script deal

Ken Levine, who led the development of the video games “BioShock” and “BioShock Infinite,” has been tapped by movie studio Warner Bros. to write the screenplay for a remake of the 1976 film “Logan’s Run.”

The entertainment website Deadline Hollywood reported Tuesday that Levine will continue as creative director of Irrational Games, the Quincy video game development house that he cofounded. An Irrational Games spokeswoman confirmed the report, but Levine could not be reached for comment.

“Logan’s Run” tells of a futuristic society in which all citizens are put to death when they turn 30, and of one man who tries to cheat the executioner. The film was popular, but several attempts at a remake have been unsuccessful.


Levine’s “BioShock” games have been hailed for their sophisticated story lines and lavish imagery. The most recent, “BioShock Infinite,” has sold 2.3 million copies since its release in March.

Hiawatha Bray

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