AMSC’s cases against Sinovel

AMSC has pursued several legal cases in China against Sinovel connected to the alleged theft of the Devens firm's technology. Here is a summary:

Commercial arbitration case: AMSC has asked the Beijing Arbitration Commission to award the company $70 million owed for past product shipments and enforce about $700 million worth of contracts in place with Sinovel in March 2011. Initial hearings occurred in February, April, and August of 2012, and the next hearing date has yet to be set.

Trade Secrets: This case was filed with the Beijing Higher Court, and AMSC hopes to recover $450 million for theft of its trade secrets. Sinovel has appealed the suit on jurisdictional grounds. The case is now awaiting a hearing date.


Copyright infringement case in Beijing: This case, filed with the Beijing No. 1 Intermediate Court, seeks $6 million and a court order prohibiting Sinovel from using AMSC's technology. Sinovel has tried twice to have the case dismissed on jurisdictional grounds and ultimately appealed to China's Supreme People's Court. The court heard the case on May 29, but a decision has not been made.

Copyright infringement case in Hainan Province: AMSC filed this case against Sinovel and another company, Guotong Electric, and is seeking $200,000 and a court order from the Hainan No. 1 Intermediate Court prohibiting the use of its technology. The court initially agreed with Sinovel to dismiss the case on jurisdictional grounds, as did another higher court when AMSC appealed. The matter went to China's Supreme People's Court and was heard on May 29. Again, no decision has been issued.

Erin Ailworth