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Stonyfield plans Tuesday organic Greek yogurt giveaway for the Hub

“Beware of Greeks bearing gifts,” a Latin poet once wrote, but presumably Virgil’s epic warning doesn’t apply to free Greek yogurt.

In any case, folks who delight in healthful giveways might want to mark down Tuesday on their calendars.

That’s when Stonyfield, the New Hampshire-based organic yogurt brand, plans to stage a “10,000 Cup Greek Yogurt Trade Up” event near Boston’s Faneuil Hall.

Starting at 10 a.m., the brand said it will have 50 employees located there to give away 10,000 free cups of “authentically strained Stonyfield Greek yogurt.” The employees will remain at their posts until 1 p.m. --- or “until the yogurt runs out,” Stonyfield said.


Stonyfield bills itself as “obsessively organic.” Translation: In making yogurt, the brand said it refuses to use milk from cows that are fed so-called “genetically modified organisms,” or GMOs.

Plans call for Stonyfield cofounder and chairman Gary Hirshberg to be on hand for the start of the event.

In a statement, he said: “Unfortunately, nowadays even so called ‘natural’ yogurts may still be made with milk produced by cows fed GMO grains. Choosing organic foods is the only way anyone who wants to avoid these practices can do so. We’re thrilled to give yogurt lovers in Boston who want a pure cup of organic goodness a chance to trade up their daily cup to Stonyfield Greek.”

Chris Reidy can be reached at reidy@globe.com.