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R.I. judge lifts foreclosure injunction

PROVIDENCE — A federal judge on Tuesday lifted a blanket order two years ago that had stopped 825 Rhode Island foreclosures from going forward and had sent the cases to mediation.

US District Judge Jack McConnell said he was reluctantly lifting his injunction because ‘‘his bosses’’ at the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in June that he did not follow the proper procedures in issuing his order affecting all mortgage foreclosure cases in federal court in Rhode Island.

The state has seen a crush of foreclosures. In his 2011 order, McConnell halted all foreclosure cases before the court, suspended all deadlines, and required homeowners and financial institutions to engage in ‘‘directed and serious settlement discussions’’ before he would allow any individual case to proceed. He appointed a special master to oversee mediation.


But the appeals court ruled his program did not follow proper procedures.