Subway customers will be able to pay for their foot-longs with Paydiant mobile wallet app

Subway, a Connecticut-based restaurant chain that has more than 40,000 locations around the world, has selected Paydiant Inc. to provide it with a mobile wallet that will enable Subway customers to pay for their foot-long Tuscan Chicken melts with their smartphones, Paydiant said Thursday.

Headquartered in Wellesley with a head count of about 70 employees, Paydiant claims its mobile wallet is superior to those offered by rivals. Paydiant clients such as the Harris Teeter supermarket chain or Bank of America can easily customize the Paydiant mobile wallet to include branding messages and loyalty programs to persuade consumers to become repeat customers.

And with Paydiant, a retailer does not need to invest heavily in new technology: Paydiant software works easily with most consumer smartphones and the point-of-sale computer systems that retailers use as cash registers, the company claims. In short, according to Paydiant, its mobile wallet is faster and more cost-effective than those offered by competitors.


Paydiant’s mobile wallet solution will begin rolling out to Subway stores later this year, Paydiant said in a press release. Customers who download the Subway wallet app to their smartphones will not be aware that Paydiant is involved in the process; all the messaging and branding will be Subway’s.

In a statement, Paydiant cofounder Chris Gardner said, “Subway understands that mobile represents a unique opportunity to enhance customer loyalty, while delivering convenience, personalized service and great food to their guests.”

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