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2 Deloitte Consulting ex-staffers hold key state jobs

Two Massachusetts agencies — the unemployment division and the state's health insurance marketplace — are headed by former Deloitte Consulting executives, where they oversee contracts managed by the New York firm.

At the Health Connector, where Deloitte has a $12.3 million slice of the new online system for buying health insurance, chief operating officer Roni Mansur was a longtime Deloitte consultant.

Connector officials say Mansur was not involved in the decision to hire Deloitte. He joined the agency in 2010 and was named operating chief in October 2011, a month before the contract with Deloitte was signed. But Mansur, who has reviewed and reported on Deloitte's performance to the agency's board, participated in recommending a 16-week extension of the firm's initial contract, at a cost of $200,000 a month, according to a May 2012 memorandum he wrote to the board and to the Connector's chief at the time, Glen Shor.

The recommendation included renewing Deloitte's engagement as a project manager for a year beyond that, exercising an option in the federally funded contract, the memorandum said.


Under state law, officials must disclose whether they have a potential conflict of interest in their jobs, by filing a form available to the public. A potential conflict is anything that might lead a reasonable person to conclude that they could be "improperly influenced."

But Mansur's supervisors at the Health Connector didn't require him to file the disclosure.

"Based on state law and published guidance from the State Ethics Commission, it is the Health Connector's position that Roni Mansur was not required to take any action with regard to his previous employment at Deloitte,'' Connector spokesman Jason Lefferts said in a statement. "His prior employment with Deloitte was known to Health Connector leadership and reviewed during his hiring process."

Mansur declined to comment. His former supervisor, Shor, who is now secretary of the the Executive Office for Administration and Finance — in charge of a large portion of state procurement — also declined to comment, deferring to Lefferts.


At the Department of Unemployment Assistance, former Deloitte executive Michelle Amante was named director in February, as the agency was struggling to rein in the long-delayed online system being built by Deloitte.

Amante did file an appearance of conflict of interest form, saying she was "able to hold Deloitte to higher standards" than other officials had previously.

Her supervisor, Labor chief Joanne Goldstein, said Amante has shown no loyalty to Deloitte. "She is wicked with Deloitte,'' Goldstein said in a September interview. "We are lucky to have her.''

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