Millionaires per capita? Massachusetts ranks 6th, down from 5th last year

Massachusetts ranked No. 6 nationally in an annual list of millionaires per capita, by state, with 6.7 percent of nearly 2.6 million households having more than $1 million in liquid wealth.

The Commonwealth fell from a 5th-place ranking in 2012, according to Phoenix Marketing International, the Rhinebeck, N.Y., firm that compiles the list.

Massachusetts fell below Alaska this year, even as the percentage of millionaires rose here and in other states with the improving stock market and economy. Massachusetts had about 174,200 millionaires, out of 6.1 million across the country, according to Phoenix.


The state with the most millionaires per capita remained Maryland, at 7.7 percent, followed by New Jersey, Connecticut, and Hawaii. California ranked No. 11, followed by New York at 12.

Lowest on the list were Mississippi, Arkansas, and Idaho.

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