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In Mass., women made 80% of what men made in 2012

Massachusetts women who were full-time wage and salary workers had median weekly earnings of $840, or 80.8 percent of the $1,040 median weekly earnings of their male counterparts in 2012, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Wednesday.

According to regional commissioner Deborah A. Brown, the women’s to men’s earnings ratio in Massachusetts for 2012 was the highest in the history of the series.

Nationwide, women earned $691 per week or 80.9 percent of the $854 median for men.

In Massachusetts, the ratio of women’s to men’s earnings has increased in each of the last five years, the bureau noted, adding that these increases came after the ratio reached a series low of 74.8 percent in 2007.


For 2012, the ratio of female-to-male earnings ranged from 65.5 percent in Wyoming to 86.8 percent in Arizona. Two other states recorded ratios above 85 percent --- California at 86 percent and Maryland at 85.2 percent.