Mass. has 11th highest state-local tax burden, report says

This graphic was included with Tax Foundation’s press release.
This graphic was included with Tax Foundation’s press release.

Massachusetts residents have the 11th highest state-local tax burden in the country, according to the Annual State-Local Tax Burdens Report, which was issued Wednesday by Tax Foundation.

According to the report, Massachusetts residents paid 10.3 percent of their collective incomes in state and local taxes in 2011, the most recent year with available data. The national average was 9.8 percent. New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut ranked highest, with residents paying more than 11.9 percent of income in state and local taxes.

Massachusetts ranked 8th in the 2010 survey and 11th in the 2009, Tax Foundation said.

Residents of Wyoming paid the lowest percentage of income in 2011 at 6.9 percent, the foundation said.


In drawing up its rankings, Tax Foundation said it looked at the total amount residents of that state pay in state and local taxes and expressed that total as a percentage of total state income.

“States have different tax burdens, just as they have different levels of services,” Tax Foundation economist Liz Malm said in a statement. “For Americans to make informed judgments about benefits and costs of state-local government, the costs need to be known.”

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