Panjiva: The Easter bunny is planning to be ‘extra generous’ this year

Maybe consumers plan to skimp on buying new Easter outfits so the can load up on Easter eggs and chocolate instead.

In a recent report, a retail group called NRF projected that Easter spending on clothing and other holiday related merchandise could be down this year, in part because fewer people said they are planning to do Easter holiday shopping.

But despite vows by consumers to pinch pennies, many retailers seem to be stocking up on candy.

So concludes Panjiva. A firm with offices in New York and Cambridge, Panjiva analyzes bills of lading for ships bringing goods to the United States. The technologies that Panjiva uses for that analysis were developed under the leadership of company cofounder James Psota, a computer scientist from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Panjiva sells its data and analysis to manufacturers and suppliers.


According to analysis of shipments from December to February, the time when retailers gear up for Easter, “the Easter Bunny is planning to be extra generous this year, with shipments of Easter eggs and Easter candy up significantly from previous years,” Panjiva said in a press release.

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