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Boston-based crisis team evacuates climate researcher in Himalayas

Global Rescue, a Boston-based crisis response team, evacuated an American climate scientist who fell down a crevasse in the Himalayas while conducting research.

John All, a professor at Western Kentucky University, broke his ribs and arm and suffered internal bleeding Monday after tumbling 70 feet. He crawled back to his tent and contacted Global Rescue, which sent a helicopter to his 19,700-foot camp on Mount Himlung Tuesday morning and transported him to a hospital in Kathmandu.

He is in stable condition, according to the American Climber Science Program Facebook page. All moved his research expedition from Mount Everest last month after a deadly avalanche shut down the climbing season.


Global Rescue was founded in 2004 by former private equity investor Dan Richards, who told the Boston Globe last fall that it is seeing a 40 percent increase in individual and corporate clients every year as companies send more employees to every corner of the globe and adventure travelers seek bigger thrills. The company conducts more than 1,000 operations a year, including coup attempts in Mali and Madagascar, terror attacks in India, and the 2011 tsunami in Japan.

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