Equinox expands high-end gym empire

NEW YORK — The high-end fitness industry may be awash in trendy concepts — CrossFit, boot camps, and the like — but one of the biggest players in the luxury gym market is continuing to expand all the same.

Equinox Fitness, the purveyor of expensive workout centers and risqué advertising, said it planned to announce as soon as Monday that it had acquired Sports Club/LA gyms in New York and four other cities, including Boston, as well as the Reebok Sports Club/NY gym on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. All will soon bear the Equinox brand and feature the company’s classes and products.

The $110 million deal, Equinox’s second-biggest acquisition, is for the remaining gyms owned by Millennium Partners, the real estate company that sold half of its clubs to Equinox three years ago. The new deal expands Equinox’s empire to 73 locations worldwide, primarily in major cities like New York, Los Angeles, and London.


Equinox is focused on introducing more advanced technology to help customers track their workouts and diets, including through an app for iPhones. And it still will position itself as a luxury experience for members.

“We will be much more sophisticated than anyone else in our industry,” Spevak said.