Timeline of events in the Market Basket standoff

(Boston Globe) A brief overview of the dispute between Athur .T and Arthur S. Demoulas. Video by Scott LaPierre and Mylan Cannon / Globe Staff
(Boston Globe) A brief overview of the dispute between Athur .T and Arthur S. Demoulas. Video by Scott LaPierre and Mylan Cannon / Globe Staff

A timeline of the recent events in the struggle for control of the Market Basket grocery store chain and the feud between the two branches of the Demoulas family:

June 23 -- Arthur T. Demoulas, president of Demoulas Market Basket Inc., and two other top executives are ousted by the board of directors

of the company controlled by his cousin, Arthur S. Demoulas.

June 25 -- Two members of the board of directors and a police escort confront the management of Indian Ridge Country Club in Andover and engage in a five-hour standoff while the locks are changed. The club has been owned by the company since 1977. The new co-chief executives, James Gooch and Felicia Thornton, visit the club the next day and assuring the workers that current management will stay in place.


July 12 -- Employees at the Market Basket store in Burlington stuff shoppers' bags with a pamphlet entitled, "We are Market Basket and we need your help!!"

July 15 -- Executives at Market Basket headquarters in Tewksbury begin organizing for Arthur T. Demoulas's return, posting signs at the executive offices and issuing a "non-negotiable demand" that he be reinstated. The company issues a conciliatory statement saying it was "trying to be respectful as employees work through the challenges of the transition."

July 18 -- More than 2,000 employees rally outside company headquarters calling for the return of Arthur T. Demoulas despite a warning from the chief executives that they could be fired if they missed work to attend the rally.

July 20 -- Market Basket fires eight employees who are spearheading the protest, including several who have worked for the chain for more than 40 years.

Workers rallied in Tewksbury July 21.
Workers rallied in Tewksbury July 21.Dina Rudick/Globe Staff/Globe Staff

July 21 -- Workers organize a second rally at Stadium Plaza in Tewksbury; organizers estimate the crowd at 5,000. The protests spread to the stores, as managers loyal to Arthur T. Demoulas post his picture in the aisles and produce aisles are stripped bare. Warehouse workers make few deliveries to the stores, and off-duty employees picket outside. Arthur T. Demoulas breaks his public silence, calling on management to reinstate the fired workers.


July 22 -- Thornton and Gooch issue a statement saying that the fired workers "took significant actions that harmed the company" and calling on workers to return their focus to the customers.

July 23 -- Arthur T. Demoulas says he and his side of the family will try to buy the 50.5 percent of the company controlled by Arthur S. Demoulas. Outside analysts peg the value of the company at $3 billion to $3.5 billion.

July 25 -- Protesters hold what they term their "biggest and final rally" in Tewksbury, attracting a crowd estimated at 5,000 to 6,000. A small band of protesters appears outside the company's board meeting at the Prudential Center to attempt to present directors with 100,000 signatures on a petition to reinstate Arthur T. Demoulas.

July 29 -- The board of directors issues a statement criticizing Arthur T. Demoulas for offering a solution to "solving many of the problems he has helped to create" and stating that it was still considering multiple offers for the company, including Arthur T. Demoulas's.

July 30 -- Chief executives Felicia Thornton and James Gooch issue a statement calling on workers to return to their jobs by Monday, Aug. 4, or replacement workers will be hired. Protesters estimate about 600 workers at the headquarters and the warehouse could lose their jobs in they do not report for work.


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