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Its flywheel storage plant has reached full commercial operation, Beacon Power says

A carbon fiber flywheel.
A carbon fiber flywheel.Photo taken from Beacon Power’s website

Beacon Power LLC, a Tyngsborough-based manufacturer of flywheel energy storage systems, said Thursday that its energy storage facility in Pennsylvania has reached full commercial operations.

The plant at Hazle Township includes 200 flywheels.

In a statement, company president and chief executive Barry Brits said, “The project is another successful demonstration of Beacon’s energy storage technology, helping to facilitate a more stable grid here in Pennsylvania.”

According to a 2008 Globe story, Beacon Power Corp., Beacon Power LLC’s predecessor company, made rotating flywheels that store energy. Company officials likened the system to “a box of energy.” The idea was to fill it up when energy demand is low, by using electric motors to spin the flywheels. Then the whirling wheels are connected to generators to release the energy when it’s needed.


In 2012 Rockland Capital acquired the assets from Beacon Power Corp. and placed them in a new private company named Beacon Power LLC.

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