The Massachusetts Department of Revenue announced Thursday a two-month amnesty program designed to encourage the payment of delinquent taxes by individuals and businesses.

The program is set to run from Sept. 1 through Oct. 31, and the amnesty covers a variety of individual and business tax types including individual income tax, withholding tax, sales and use tax, meals tax, meals tax local option, personal use tax, cigarette individual excise tax, and cigar/smoking tobacco tax, the department said.

“This amnesty program provides those who are delinquent on their taxes the opportunity to pay their share without additional penalties,” department commissioner Amy Pitter said in a statement.


Next month, about 300,000 taxpayers will receive a tax amnesty notice from the department telling them that they qualify for the tax amnesty program. Notices will provide taxpayers with their individual period balance, amount of unpaid penalty to be waived if the amnesty balance is paid in full by the due date, and the amnesty amount due.

Taxpayers who participate in this program will not be eligible for any future tax amnesty programs for 10 years.

Taxpayers can learn more about the program at www.mass.gov/dor/amnesty. Taxpayers also have the option of calling the department’s customer service number at 1-617- 887-6367. Or toll free in Massachusetts, they can call 1-800-392-6089.