Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc., the grower-owned cooperative whose headquarters campus straddles the Lakeville-Middleborough line, said that it projects that the 2014 cranberry crop will be a bit below last year’s record levels.

Ocean Spray said it is expecting the 2014 global industry crop will yield between 11.2 million and 11.6 million barrels of cranberries, down from the 2013 global industry record crop of 12 million barrels. (A barrel weighs about 100 pounds.)

One reason for the drop is a decline in the Wisconsin crop. The crops in other cranberry growing regions such as Massachusetts, New Jersey, Washington, Oregon, British Columbia, and Quebec are expected to “remain fairly steady year over year,” Ocean Spray said in its press release.


Just over 200,000 barrels of Ocean Spray’s 2014 harvest will be sold as fresh cranberries while the remaining fruit will become juice beverages, dried cranberries, cranberry sauce, and other cranberry products, Ocean Spray said.

For its fiscal 2013, Ocean Spray posted gross sales of $2.2 billion and net proceeds of $380 million. Net proceeds is the term that cooperatives use for net income.

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