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Brighton company turns City of Boston vans into hybrids

Brighton-based XL Hybrids is converting seven vans owned by the City of Boston into hybrid vehicles.

The company said the conversions will improve the vans’ fuel efficiency by around 20 percent. The conversion kits take around six hours to install on the underside of a van or truck, its work for the City of Boston costs $70,000.

“Since XL Hybrids is based in Boston, working with them is simple and smart,” said Jim McGonagle, the city’s director of central fleet management, in a statement. “The ability to retrofit vans from our existing fleet allowed us to see immediate benefits. There were no driver training or maintenance requirements.”


XL Hybrids employs around 25 people and serves commercial fleets, according to Clay Siegert, the company’s vice president. Last year, it converted 100 fleet vehicles for Coca-Cola. Recently, the company was the first to receive a license from a California regulator to convert vehicles in that state, Siegert said.

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