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Amy Pascal steps down as cochair of Sony Pictures

LOS ANGELES — Amy Pascal will step down as cochairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment and head of the film studio, nearly three months after a massive hacker attack that revealed embarrassing e-mails. Pascal, the force behind such critical and commercial hits as ‘‘The Social Network’’ and ‘‘American Hustle,’’ will launch a major new production venture at the studio focused on movies, television, and theater. Her Sony career has spanned nearly 20 years. During the hack, Pascal came under fire for racist remarks about President Obama’s presumed choices in movies, which surfaced in her e-mails. She apologized for ‘‘insensitive and inappropriate’’ comments that were ‘‘not an accurate reflection of who I am.’’ She also faced criticism for green-lighting the film that may have inspired the hacking: ‘‘The Interview,’’ starring Seth Rogen and James Franco as bumbling journalists tasked with killing North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. — ASSOCIATED PRESS