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Celebrities owed money from Mass. unclaimed funds list

There are quite a few sports stars and celebrities included in the state's semiannual update of a list detailing people owed money from forgotten bank accounts, abandoned safe-deposit boxes, and checks marked "return to sender."

Under state law, businesses must turn over to the treasurer's office the balance of any customer account that remains inactive for three years if they send a letter to the last address they have on file and cannot find the owner.

Here are some of the big names who are still owed money, and others who were paid the money from the fund in previous years.


Celebrities owed money by the fund
Name Amount Reason
Bill Belichick $300.00 General Electric
Barack Obama $312.46 Comcast refund checks
Tom Brady $265.62 American Express prepaid gift card
David Ortiz $182.00 Western Union
Drew Bledsoe $55.93 Children's Hospital
Neil Diamond $7,272.00 Mass. Department of Revenue
Snoop Dogg $5,859.04 Mass. Department of Revenue
Globe Staff
Celebrities once owed money but paid in past years by the fund
Name Amount Reason
Ray Bourque $2,373.39 First Colony Life Insurance
Chelsea Clinton $875.46 Stock liquidation from Cingular Wireless
Manny Ramirez $10,049.56 Reebok International vendor check
Felcity Huffman $33,179.00 Unpaid check fund
Jerry Seinfeld $5,684.00 Unpaid check fund
Pedro Martinez $136,617.00 Unpaid check fund
Keith Foulke $98,514.00 Unpaid check fund
Nomar Garciaparra $122.46 News Corp. royalties
Source: Treasurer Deborah Goldberg
Globe Staff