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JetBlue ticketing outage delays some Logan passengers

Long lines were seen at Logan early this morning after the JetBlue outage.Christopher Maki

A system-wide computer outage left JetBlue passengers in Boston and across the country unable to obtain boarding passes or check baggage early Monday, creating long lines and delays as the airline manually checked-in passengers until the issue was resolved.

JetBlue said it had fixed the problem by 6:15 a.m., but took to social media early Monday to apologize to customers, explaining that the company was working with partners to get the system back online.

Many of JetBlue flights departing from Logan Airport this morning are delayed, according to Logan’s website, as were many arrivals. More than a third of flights leaving between 7:48 a.m. and 12:22 p.m. were delayed more than 45 minutes, and around a fourth of flights listed were less than 45 minutes late.


“We know it’s frustrating,” JetBlue posted on Twitter. “We apologize for the chaos this morning,” another tweet said.

NBC News reported that the airline had to issue handwritten boarding passes to passengers at many airports. Mike McCarthy, a spokesman for the Transportation Security Administration, told the Globe that wasn’t the case at Logan Airport.

The company said in an e-mail that passengers might experience delays throughout the day. It did not specify how long it would take to work through delays and get operations back to normal.

“Our system is back up now,” JetBlue tweeted. “We’re working to get everyone on their way as quickly as we can.”

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