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Baker insists Boston 2024 needs to provide more details

Governor Charlie Baker sidestepped a TV reporter’s questions on Thursday about whether John Fish remains the right person to chair the effort to bring the Olympics to Boston in 2024, saying the debate should be focused more on the bid’s details and less on the personalities involved.

That’s why, Baker said, the Boston 2024 Partnership needs to produce more details about the venues, the costs, and the private-sector partners needed to pull off the bid.

“Part of the reason there’s so much of a focus on the personalities is because we don’t have a product to discuss,” Baker said. “To me, that’s the big missing piece in all of this. ... I think this is going to succeed or fail on the quality of the product and the quality of the work that’s done to determine how this is going to work, where the venues are going to be held, who the partners are, and what the price tag is going to be.”


Baker was asked again about whether it would make a difference if another person becomes chairman of Boston 2024. But Baker wasn’t biting.

Instead, he just repeated himself: “I really think Boston 2024’s success or failure ... is going to be determined by the product.”

Fish, the chief executive of Suffolk Construction, last week announced that his group would embrace a statewide vote in November 2016 on whether the Olympics should be held here — a move that followed two months of poll numbers that show declining support for Boston 2024’s cause. As the public face of the effort, Fish has become a lightning rod for Boston 2024’s critics.

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