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Gillette unveils a line of Avengers razors

President of global grooming Charlie Pierce greets Marvel’s Stan Lee, at the unveiling of Gillette’s new line of Avengers razors.Josh Reynolds for The Boston Globe/Globe Freelance

Gillette unveiled a series of “concept” razors tied to the Marvel comics characters the Avengers at a press conference at World Shaving Headquarters in South Boston on Thursday morning.

Stan Lee, the iconic American comic book writer, walked out with the XL Gamma razor, which is supposedly equipped with Hulk-like qualities.

“The things I’ll do for free razors,” Lee said to the crowd. “Can I go home now?”

The men’s razors are themed around four popular Marvel comics superheroes: Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, and The Hulk.

Gillette said the Avengers-themed razors are only concepts and the company has no plans to sell them at this time. Some of the faux razors will be given away on a limited basis to fans through a social media promotion, likely near the May 1 release date of the new Marvel movie, “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” Gillette said.


Gillette’s Captain America-themed UltraStrike razor, “rebuilt with a rare vibranium-coated shield cartridge that shoots out from the handle to cut targeted hairs.”Taryn Luna/Globe Correspondent

The event was part of a partnership between Marvel and Gillette, who teamed up to design of the prototypes.

Gillette teased the razor’s “superhuman” qualities to match the characters. For example, the Gillette Thunder, “scorches hairs to the follicle with micro-lightning and eliminates borrowing by utilizing an honor based gyro-gravity field.” Another, the Repulsor 1, is equipped with Exoblade’s “arc reactor technology generates a perpetual energy supply to obliterate face hairs with uni-beam pulse bolts.” An XL Gamma razor is said to get “very angry” with missed hairs.

A “Stark Industries” sign, referring to the business conglomerate owned by Marvel figure Tony Stark, a.k.a. Iron Man, hung on the outside of Gillette headquarters.

Gillette’s World Shaving Headquarters is transformed into Stark Industries for the day.Josh Reynolds for The Boston Globe/Globe Freelance

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