Thoughout several films, James Bond prepared us for watches that shoot lasers, detect radiation, print tiny faxes, blow things up, and strangle people.

But are we ready for one that lets us control our televisions?

Later this week, Comcast will test that notion. The cable company said Tuesday that its Xfinity app will be available for the Apple Watch when the much-hyped wearable comes out on Friday. For Comcast subscribers who use the company’s Xfinity TV app, it will download automatically.

In a blog post, Comcast exec Matt Strauss said the app would allow customers with the company’s X1 system to use taps and voice commands to change channels, control their DVR, and see what’s on when. Users also can ask more open-ended questions and see the results on their TV screen, Strauss wrote, such as “What’s on tonight at 8?”


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