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Jumping through hoops to get fit

Wendy Maeda/Globe Staff/File/Globe Staff

Many people haven’t picked up a hula hoop since grade school, but Kat Suwalski is out to make a forgotten playground toy Greater Boston’s next fitness craze.

Suwalski, a personal trainer who uses kettle bells to help her clients get buff, is leading the Bay State launch of a high-intensity interval training program called FXP Fitness, which puts exercisers through pulse-pounding sequences of lunges, squats, abdominal work and more — all with an extra sturdy, two-pound hula hoop.

“You can burn 650 calories in an hour,” said Suwalski. “If that’s what you get from being out on the playground, I’ll take it.”


Founded last year, FXP is an Arizona company hoping trainers like Suwalski will introduce its hoop-based regimen at gyms all over the country. On Sunday Suwalski will lead a daylong FXP certification course for local fitness instructors at Diosa Dance Yoga Health in Framingham.

So if your trainer unexpectedly breaks out a hula hoop during your next workout, you’ll know why.

Callum Borchers can be reached at callum.borchers@globe.com. Follow him on Twitter @callumborchers.