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Rush Limbaugh finds home on new Boston talk station

Radio show host Rush Limbaugh speaks at a forum hosted by the Heritage Foundation in Washington in 2006.REUTERS

Although radio host Rush Limbaugh is leaving one Boston radio station, the conservative commentator is moving to a new home on Boston’s airwaves.

In late May, it appeared Limbaugh may disappear from the dial after his company, Premiere Networks, failed to reach an agreement with host station WRKO-AM 680 to continue broadcasting the show. But starting on June 29, Premiere said, Limbaugh will be broadcasted on WKOX-AM 1430, along with a slate of other programming directed at a conservative demographic.

WKOX, whose cached website shows that it was formerly a Spanish-language station, will remain under the ownership of iHeartRadio, the media powerhouse whose companies were formerly branded as Clear Channel, but will be rebranded as TALK 1430. The station that formerly hosted left-leaning Air America programs will now feature commentators such as Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, and Mark Levin, as well as Fox Sports in the morning.


Limbaugh is still broadcasting on WRKO, launching broadsides against the web publisher the Daily Beast on Monday afternoon. A schedule on that station’s website said the show will continue broadcasting through at least this week, but it is unclear when the show will be dropped from WRKO’s lineup.

IHeartRadio also owns and operates the Boston stations WXKS-FM, WJMN-FM, WBWL-FM, WKOX-AM and WXKS-AM.

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