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Boston drivers are worst in the US, and Allstate has proof


If you’re reading this while driving, stop: You’re part of the problem.

Boston drivers were more than two-and-a-half times as likely to file a car insurance claim as the typical Allstate driver, making them the worst drivers in the country, according to the insurance company’s study of claims in the 200 biggest cities in America. Boston drivers file a claim once every four years, compared to the national average of once every 10.

And Boston is not the only problem city in the Bay State: Worcester was home to the second-worst drivers in the country, and Springfield drivers ranked fifth-worst, Allstate said. The company insures about 80,400 drivers in Massachusetts, according to spokeswoman Julia Reusch.


Most of those claims were related to low-speed accidents that didn’t result in deaths. The 10 percent of Allstate drivers in Massachusetts who use its Drivewise device, which measures things like speed, late-night driving frequency, and braking to calculate insurance rates, slammed the brakes about as often as the national average. But the high number of claims filed can’t be blamed on last winter, either: The data comes from the full years 2012 and 2013.

For Boston, at least, there’s nowhere to go but up: last year, the city ranked second-worst, below Worcester.

Breaking: Massachusetts drivers really bad
Boston drivers were 2.58 times as likely to file a claim as other drivers, by far the worst measured.
City Accident likelihood relative to national average
Boston, MA 2.58
Worcester, MA 2.21
Baltimore, MD 2.14
Washington, DC 2.06
Springfield, MA 1.93
Providence, RI 1.87
Glendale, CA 1.79
San Francisco, CA 1.65
Philadelphia, PA 1.64
Los Angeles, CA 1.63
SOURCE: Allstate

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