With $217 million in new money, British HR software firm to open Boston office

Reward Gateway, a British human resources software company, has been purchased by a Boston private equity firm and plans to open an office here and hire 30 staff.

The company’s software allows HR departments to share and track information about employee benefits and workplace perks, like child care and fitness programs. The London-based company said it has already recruited several major US companies, including Comcast, Heineken, Diageo, and Caterpillar, as clients.

“We’re probably the biggest startup no one has heard of,” said Glenn Elliott, the company’s chief executive, in a statement. “We’ve been hugely impressed by the growth we see in the Boston tech scene and we’ve already got some significant partners who have chosen Boston as their base — we rely on technology from close friends at HubSpot, Wistia and Robin.”


On Thursday, Great Hill Partners of Boston paid $217 million to acquire 55 percent of the company. Previously, the majority shareholder was Inflexion Private Equity of London, which said it made a 59 percent annual return from the company, according to an article in Law360. Elliott, who founded the company in 2006, owns 28 percent of it, the article said.

Reward Gateway has 275 employees in six countries, and said it does business in the UK, the US, and Australia.

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