Geico sues Dorchester chiropractor, financier alleging fraud

The auto insurer Geico has sued a Dorchester chiropractic clinic for allegedly filing bogus medical claims. Geico and two affiliates seek a jury trial in their federal suit against five defendants, including Big City Chiropractic & Sports Injury Inc. and the financing firms Professional Solutions Inc. and PS Funding LLC. The insurer alleges racketeering and bribery and says it has spent thousands of dollars on claims and investigative work. Geico alleges that Big City accepted patients who had been in minor accidents and billed as much as $380 an hour for treatment by “unlicensed and unskilled” staff. Professional Solutions and its manager Karen Davis allegedly steered patients to Big City and helped them fill out paperwork. The complaint alleges the companies conspired to submit claims for “unnecessary and unreasonable services . . . for the purpose of defrauding insurers.” Geico is seeking $110,000 in damages. Alex Flores, executive vice president of a company affiliated with Big City Chiropractic, said she wasn’t aware of the suit but said the claims were untrue. Davis said she would review the case. — JACK NEWSHAM