Rob Gronkowski, banker?

The New England Patriots tight end, better known as “Gronk,” has built a reputation for his on-field ability to break tackles and his off-field antics. Party bus, anybody?

Now, the Gronk is showing his serious side, offering financial tips and savings advice through a deal with Capital One Financial Corp.

While Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen have nothing to fear, the marketing campaign penned #GRONKonomics tries to offer consumers some common-sense advise for managing money.

Gronk’s rules include, setting short term savings goals, building financial discipline through automatic transfers and nicknaming your savings accounts to keep you motivated.


In his book “It’s Good to Be Gronk” the Patriots player talks about his savings philosophy and that he hasn’t spent any of his signing bonus or professional contract money.

The Capital One campaign will appear on the football players Facebook and Twitter feed.

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