Mass. tops US list of per capita spending

istock/Boston Globe

Hey, big spender. You must be from Massachusetts.

The US Commerce Department for the first time on Tuesday released data on consumer spending by state, and Massachusetts residents spent the most per capita. Here are some highlights:

• On a per capita, or person basis, Massachusetts consumers spent more than $48,000 in 2014, the most among states. Nationally, consumers spent $37,196.

• Massachusetts residents spent more than $8,500 per person on housing and utilities, the fifth highest in the country. The US figure: $6,720.

• Massachusetts ranked second only to Alaska in per capita health care spending, forking over nearly $8,900 for medical goods and services in 2014. In Alaska, consumers spent about $9,300 on health care. Nationally, the figure was $6,128.


• Living in a compact state has its advantages. Massachusetts residents spent just $1,220 on gasoline and energy products (excluding utilities) per person, ranking 36th. In contrast, in wide open North Dakota and Wyoming, per capita spending on gasoline and energy products was, respectively, $4,124 and $3,019.

• Four New England states ranked in the Top 10 for per capita spending for food and drink. Vermont topped the list, spending more than $4,100 per person. Massachusetts spent more than $3,300 per capita on food and drink.

Consumer spending in Massachusetts
Per capita, 2014
Category Amount State rank
Total $48,020 1
Housing and utilities $8,539 5
Health care $8,857 2
Off-premises food and drink $3,319 6
Gasoline and other energy goods $1,220 36
All other $26,085 2
SOURCE: US Commerce Department
Consumer spending in New England
State Per capita Change from 2013
Massachusetts $48,020 4.5%
New Hampshire $46,633 4.2%
Connecticut $45,844 3.7%
Vermont $44,768 3.9%
Maine $41,148 3.5%
Rhode Island $39,774 3.4%
United States $37,196 4.2%
SOURCE: US Commerce Department
Top states for food and drink spending
State Spending per capita
Vermont $4,104
Alaska $3,924
Maine $3,736
New Hampshire $3,635
Hawaii $3,606
Massachusetts $3,319
Montana $3,312
Oregon $3,308
Delaware $3,243
Washington $3,228
SOURCE: US Commerce Department

Correction: Due to a reporting error, an earlier version of this story mischaracterized spending on food and drink.