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‘Winter is coming’ at Hollywood PR

Darlene Hollywood
Darlene HollywoodChris Morris for The Boston Globe/Chris Morris for The Bosotn Globe

Some small firms send out holiday cards featuring tranquil winter scenes. The more ambitious ones feature a photo of the staff, perhaps crowded around the office Christmas tree.

Then there's Darlene Hollywood and her Plymouth agency, Hollywood Public Relations. She has sent out some crazy, TV-themed cards in years past (and not just because of her last name). But this one takes the tradition to a new level.

In October, her 10-person crew headed to Duxbury's Swanson Meadow to be photographed by Scituate-based Kjeld Mahoney, dressed as various characters from the TV show "Game of Thrones."

All but one of the staffers are women, so the card is entitled "Dames of Thrones." (Senior account director Jeff Dillow is the sole man, dressed up in Jon Snow's cold-weather garb.)


Outfitting the team wasn't as simple as wandering over to King Richard's Faire and picking up a few Renaissance costumes. Some of the clothes were rented from the Family Kloset Costume Shop in Plymouth, while others were purchased online.

The armor for Brienne of Tarth, a.k.a. account manager Brooks Wallace, cost $700, at a medieval products shop on the West Coast. Fortunately, the return policy only required a 15-percent restocking fee.

For her part, Hollywood donned a scarlet robe as sorceress Melisandre. (Wallace says her boss chose to be the Red Woman (at right) because they both are influential advisors with prophetic powers.)

Hollywood says this offbeat holiday tradition will return next year, but it's too early to know which TV show is in store. She'll wait until August to see what's trending.

For now, though, clients who are getting her cards are being instructed to get ready for the change of seasons. Winter is coming, of course.

Hollywood’s “Dame of Thrones” holiday card
Hollywood’s “Dame of Thrones” holiday cardHollywood Public Relations

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