Larry Summers sounds off on Donald Trump

Larry Summers is not a fan of Donald Trump.

Summers, the one-time president of Harvard University and former treasury secretary, waded into election politics this week, posting a scathing critique of the GOP front-runner on his blog.

Summers called the possibility of Trump becoming president, “dangerous” and compared the billionaire to a “protectionist demagogue,” who could risk tilting the country into a recession and elevate China as other countries look for steadier global leadership outside of the US.


Summers, who has worked in the Clinton and Obama administrations, even had some kind words for former President George W. Bush in his post.

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“The suggestion that Trump is on the same continuum as George W. Bush or even the Republican congressional leadership seems to me to be quite unfair,” Summers wrote.

Summers went on to provide his list of Trump’s shortcomings, including presidential candidate’s Klu Klux Klan comments and that he has “disparaged and demeaned the female half of our population.” Summers, himself, is no stranger to accusations of sexism. More than a decade ago he sparked outrage when he theorized that innate differences between men and women might be one reason for the shortage of women in top positions in math and science fields. Summers apologized for his comments at the time.

Summers closes his blog post with a call for to “develop convincing responses to economic slowdown.”

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