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Andrew Miller is working to solve the complex challenges facing health care providers. As vice president of engineering at Curaspan in Newton, he’s helping to develop an automated solution to the complicated process of moving patients from hospitals to rehabilitation and other facilities.

After hours, he’s a self-professed geek, addicted to gadgets, including smart-home technology. “It’s to the point where my kids think I install wall switches and light bulbs for my livelihood,” Miller said. Miller shared his digital habits with The Download.

Don’t software developers like you usually prefer Android phones?

I would say 20 years ago, when I was building my own remote controls to drive an MP3 player, I would have been someone ready for an Android. But today it’s really tough to beat the Apple experience and integration. My iPhone wakes me up in the morning, synchs with my Apple Watch, and works with Apple TV.

What’s your favorite app?


Google Cardboard has recently jumped to the top of my list. It uses a cardboard viewer to experience virtual reality in a simple and affordable way. Virtual reality is something that’s been stalled for 20 years — Google’s approach to drop the barrier to entry is the catalyst driving tons of innovation around how we can combine digital with the real world.

How do you stay up to date on the latest and greatest technology changes?

I’m really all about “push,” or information that is delivered to me. Most recently I started using Watchup, a news app that builds a personalized newscast from various local and national channels. TechCrunch is another big one; I go and dig in when I see relevant details. I’m interested, for example, in increasing the velocity of engineering: How do we move ourselves to a continuous deployment model?

How did you get interested in smart-home technology?


My wife would probably say it’s one of her biggest mistakes — she gave me a starter kit. We had an old-fashioned thermostat, and I replaced it with Nest. The rest is history.

And what about your fascination with drones?

That was a gift also. Once I took it out for its first flight, I was hooked. Now I’ve moved to a higher end DJI Phantom 3. I love the unique perspective and angle of view; it provides real-time view and streaming video. I live out in the country, and I do lots of flying in my yard. I can get great videos of my kids sledding.