There’s a new way to get to Nantucket — no long lines required

Blade will brand its new Boston-Nantucket air service as "UberAir Powered by Blade."
Blade will brand its new Boston-Nantucket air service as "UberAir Powered by Blade."Photo courtesy of Blade

Aviation service Blade unveiled plans Friday to start weekend flights between Boston’s Logan Airport and Nantucket.

The big selling point? No waiting in security lines at the airport.

Blade’s Boston-Nantucket flights will be based out of the private aviation terminal at Logan and will allow travelers to arrive with as little as 15 minutes before the departure. The flight itself will take about 40 minutes. Tickets won’t necessarily be cheap: $495, one-way, though Blade is offering a promotional price for Memorial Day weekend, its first weekend in Boston.

Travelers will be able to book flights through Blade’s mobile app immediately. For Memorial Day weekend trips only, travelers can also book through Uber’s app as part of a promotion.


At the start, Blade will work with operator Lima NY Corp., an affiliate of Tailwind, the company seeking to offer Boston-New York seaplane service. Blade and Lima already work together on New York to Hamptons flights.

Blade officials said they’ll offer two flights to Nantucket on Thursday night and two on Friday, with return trips to Boston on Sunday nights and Monday mornings. As long as Blade is just working with one operator for the route, it is limited by US Department of Transportation rules to four scheduled round-trips a week, according to Melissa Tomkiel, Blade’s president of fixed-wing operations. She said the flights will be year-round, though less frequent in the colder months.

Blade CEO Rob Wiesenthal said he hopes to offer more scheduled flights in conjunction with other operators in the future, and is looking at launching Boston-Hyannis service this summer as well. The planes will also be available to be chartered — at a price of $3,500 one-way for the full plane — with an option fortravelers to find others willing to share in the cost of a chartered flight by using Blade’s app.


Wiesenthal said his company is expanding to Boston from New York because a number of users of the New York service had asked for it. The company already flies to Nantucket from Manhattan, via the Westchester County Airport. (Helicopters pick up travelers in Manhattan and bring them to Westchester.) Blade is using nine-passenger Cessna Grand Caravans for the flights.

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