Akamai Technologies Inc. has finally seen the end of its decadelong intellectual property dispute with Arizona-based Limelight Networks Inc. A US district court in Boston on Friday issued a final judgment in the case, and awarded Akamai nearly $51 million in damages.

Akamai, a spinoff of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, operates a global network that speeds delivery of data from Internet sites to end users. Some of the company’s key technologies were invented at MIT, and licensed exclusively to Akamai.

In 2006, Akamai sued Limelight for infringing on one of the MIT patents. Akamai won a $45.8 million judgment in 2008, but it was later thrown out on appeal, and the dismissal was upheld by the US Supreme Court. However, the high court allowed Akamai to seek damages under a different provision of patent law. Last August, a Washington appeals court found Limelight liable for patent infringement and reinstated the judgment. The Massachusetts federal court on Friday ordered Limelight to pay the original judgment plus interest accrued since 2008.


Akamai has another patent suit pending against Limelight, alleging further patent infringement since 2008. The suit is scheduled for trial in January 2017 in a federal court in Virginia.

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